Panoptic Europe is Asia’s first Europe-only expert equity advice house

Panoptic exists to meet Asia’s growing need for intelligent advice on European Equities. Different to other advice houses, Panoptic brings locally-sourced knowledge from the complex region of Europe to Asia’s institutional clients.

Panoptic is a ‘bespoke’ provider in a world which is increasingly ‘off the shelf’

At Panoptic Europe, we believe in providing unique intelligence using our broad connectivity in Europe. We go deeper into each market than our global equity research platform peers. Our aim is to provide true insights which deliver an informational edge to investors; insights which are not widely available and which are tailored to each individual client.

Panoptic delivers high impact European Equities advice from Asia to Asia

Headquartered and Licensed in Hong Kong, Panoptic Europe operates as an effective local resource for our Investor clients. We offer high conviction advice to assist our Clients’ European equity investment decisions, and we do this on a timely and regular basis.

Panoptic works hard to find the right shareholders for the right companies

In addition to our advice business, Panoptic offers a regular flow of Corporate non-deal roadshows. We help investors meet with the increasing number of European Company Management teams who wish to grow their institutional investor base in Asia.


Panoptic Europe delivers high impact local intelligence from Europe to an expanding Asian client base.

Panoptic Europe Limited is Regulated in Hong Kong by the Securities Futures Commission, CE no BET503, holding a Type 4 License.