Panoptic Europe: Consulting to Asia’s money funds on their European allocations.

Panoptic Europe is a ​Fund Consultant to Asian Institutions who wish to outsource European Equities allocations into Europe-located Funds.

Panoptic Europe offers:

  • Strategic advice around Asset Allocation into Europe;
  • Fund research and introductions;
  • personal networking opportunities into the actual Fund Managers of Europe’s best-performing funds;
  • Outsourcing Research Trips to Europe’s investor centres to enable Asia’s CIOs to meet the actual teams to whom they will be outsourcing their money.
  • Fund connectivity to Europe’s smaller, nimbler, less well-known Funds.
  • High-touch client-led bespoke service.

Panoptic does not offer data or league tables on Fund Performance. Fund allocation decisions are about future delivery, not historic numbers. That future delivery depends on the individual teams who will be running your money. Panoptic is not a “tied house”, we do not represent a fund house.

Panoptic Europe is the hands-on partner to Asia’s CIOs as they look to European Equity allocations. Panoptic offers relationship building with the actual investment teams back in Europe. Panoptic knows all of Europe’s best Equities Managers and, being based itself in Asia, can deliver that connectivity into your decision-making.

Panoptic Europe Limited is Regulated in Hong Kong by the Securities Futures Commission, CE no BET503, holding a Type 4 License.